Spotify Pre-Save

Allow fans to have your release automatically added to their Spotify library on release day. Also works on playlists, artist pages, etc..
WARNING: To enable the LabelGrid Pre-Save functionality you need to have a valid LabelGrid API Token.

How it works

LabelGrid Tools can add a pre-save link to each release, allowing your fans to pre-save tracks before the release date, as well as optionally follow Spotify playlists, users or artists that you specify in the configuration.
The Pre-Save functionality will make use of the release's UPC to retrieve all release tracks on release day. If you are using LabelGrid Tools with Catalog Syncing this information is already updated in every release, if you are not you need to be sure you are entering the correct UPC on each release for a successful pre-save.
WARNING: Is important to be sure the UPC is correct when a release get published the first time to avoid the Pre-Save to fail.

Under the hood

Spotify pre-save functionality like Gated Downloads and Catalog Syncing make use of LabelGrid APIs to connect users with our platform and collect informations regarding their pre-save preference and eventually any other specified action attached to the pre-save.
LabelGrid Gate will process these entries on release date pre-saving and executing all programmed actions.


Each release can be personalized with the following information.
Spotify Pre-Save Settings are under Releases > Edit Release > Pre-Order/Saves
Spotify Pre-save Active
Can disable the pre-save for this release
see settings
Optional Pre-Save Actions
Please refer to Gated Downloads - Actions
see settings
Collect Email
Can request for an e-mail before proceed to the gate. See Gated Downloads - Email Collection
see setting
PLEASE NOTE: The pre-save functionality will be automatically disabled for the current release if the Spotify URI field is empty.