Part 4: Create a distro order

1. Launch the "Send to Shops" form

To get started, first navigate to Catalog > Releases, then launch the "Send to Shops" form found on the table toolbar. Optionally you can also launch it from the row submenu.

This form will appear.

2. Submit the form

By default we include all shops that are associated to your label. Since this is a new delivery, you can submit the form without changing anything. If this were a redelivery or takedown, there are other options on this form that must be changed to initiate your request. We will cover that elsewhere in the documentation. Right now, we just want to post your first release.

Choosing shops

The default shops we include in your list should be ok for most labels. The exceptions are Beatport, Juno, Digital-Tunes, and a couple others who specialize in electronic music only; and Beatport requires approval before adding new labels.

If you require some special shop configurations or want to exclude any of the default shops in your list, please create a support ticket with us and we will help you out.

3. Lead-times

For more information about lead-times, turn-around times, etc, see Lead Times.

Next steps.

Now that you've created your distribution order, we have a list of follow-up items that will help you along the way in tracking the delivery, managing your list, and other tools. View them below in the Quckstart Next Steps page.

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