LabelGrid API Token

This token is required to enable advanced functionalities such as LabelGrid Sync, LabelGrid Gate.


The LabelGrid API Token is required to enable the advanced functionalities of LabelGrid GATE:

  • Content Sync: Synchronize data between your LabelGrid account and your WordPress install, works with Releases, Artists and Record Labels.

  • Gate Downloads: "Follow-to-download" pages that can be linked to releases.

  • Spotify Pre-saves: With optional email collection and Gated actions.

The LabelGrid API Token is available only to LabelGrid customers subscribed to any plan.

If you are not a customer please check our pricing and sign-up.

Create new API Token

To add an extra layer of security for your data, every API Token is tied with a Wordpress Domain URL or Server IP, so all requests between LabelGrid API and the WordPress install can be secured.

To create a new Api Key:

  1. From the WordPress administration, go to LabelGrid Tools -> General settings, and note the value of the field System informations->String for API Key

  2. If the field String for API Key is empty, set the field Advanced->Disable CURLOPT_INTERFACE to "Yes"

  3. Login to LabelGrid Dashboard and head to WordPress Plugin and Create a new API Key.

  4. Head to the WordPress administration and paste the API Key in LabelGrid Tools -> General Settings -> General Options -> LabelGrid API Token

You can limit the synchronized content of each API Key from one to all record labels associated to your profile, useful when handling multiple record labels.

Update your API Token

In your WordPress Admin panel, head to:

Dashboard > LabelGrid Tools > General Settings > General Options