Edit a label using Catalog > Labels. Choose the label you want to edit and click the edit button (or double click on the row). The following form will appear.

Each label in your account has presets and defaults available which you can change. This gives you the ability to fine-tune the settings that are pre-filled into various forms such as the Soundcloud posting form or the Youtube posting form.


Set your label's basic info, including light logo, tagline, description, primary genre, genre category, etc.

Provide a dark logo and landing page background. This background is also used on your public files uploader page.

Set your label's website url, WordPress url, podcast url, and blog url. We will include some of these url's in your automated postings.

Set all your social media links so we can include them in your automated postings.

Enable the direct sales shopping cart, enable Soundcloud monetization, set your ISRC base code (if needed), label shop url, bandcamp url, and various DSP url's that point to your label on the DSP's

Set your label's email addresses. We provide various email address options so that you can route certain types of mail to certain places. By default we will aways send to your label email address.

These preset message are used in the Demo Manager (incoming files). For example, when someone sends you a file, you will have the ability to approve or reject the demo and a message will be dispatched to them. You have the ability to set 1 approval message and 2 variations of the reject message. Before the message is sent, you will have the chance to edit the message. These settings control what is automatically filled in the send form.
Message Presets

Set the default start time and default clip length and this will be used to pre-fill the encoder job when you launch the Youtube Upload form and the Soundcloud Upload form or the Transcoder form. These settings are also used anytime you upload a new track.
You also have the ability to set your clips to be full length (just leave the clip length field blank).

Set the default video layout, video format, and video length.

  • post full-release as 1 video
  • post individual tracks

  • art background only (cropped)
  • art background + square packshot
  • blurred art background + square packshot
  • left aligned*
  • left aligned with blurred background*
Here is a wireframe representation of each layout to give you some idea.

  • auto
  • user current audio clips

You can optionally provide a voice-over file which can be enabled anytime you create a Soundcloud, Youtube, or Instagram video or post. Here is an example of a voice-over file that one of our label's uses.
Sample Voice-over file
Your voice-over file should be in WAV format, 16bit 44.1kHz

The following tab lets you set your default publisher name, default copyright name, primary artist %, featuring artist %, preferred payment method, and paypal email.
The % and copyright and publishing info can be overridden in each of your track's royalty splits data and track settings.

IMPORTANT: * Make sure your logo has a transparent background before uploading!
Find this field in in Label > General.
Logo 1 (bright logo) image requirements
Aspect Radio
1:1 (square)
Dots per inch (DPI)
72 dpi
24-bit PNG
Transparent *
White or bright (compatible with black backgrounds)
Find this field in in Label > Images.
Logo 2 (dark logo) image requirements
Aspect Radio
1:1 (square)
Dots per inch (DPI)
72 dpi
24-bit PNG
Transparent *
Black or dark (compatible with white backgrounds)
This example shows the bright logo in square aspect ratio with a transparent background.
Plush Recordings @plushrecs
TIPS Your bright logo does not have to be white. It can be any color as long as it is clearly visible on a dark background.
Conversely, your dark logo does not have to be black. It just has to be clearly visible on a bright background. Minimal transparent gradients and shadows are ok, and can enhance how your logo looks on a wider array of backgrounds. Also note, The example in the above screenshot is from Photoshop which is why you see the checkered pattern. Your image should have a transparent background. PNG format required. Click here to download our example logo as a real world example.
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