Google Analytics

Create Google Analytics events from front-end interactions.

To enable this feature you need to have correctly setup and enabled Google Analytics in your Wordpress website.

How it works

Label Grid Tools send data to Google Analytics once one of the following actions is performed by any customer:

  • Releases/Artists: Click on Social Media or Outlets links

  • Pre/Save Spotify: Start Wizard and Correctly Pre/Saved Tracks

  • Gate Downloads: Start Gate and Correctly downloaded Gates

Under the hood

Label Grid Tools is executing a "dataLayer.push" for each action.

Releases Links:

'event': 'mediabutton_click',
'gtm.element.dataset.category': 'Release',
'eventAction': 'Media-Buttons',

Spotify Pre/Save:

'event': 'mediabutton_click',
'gtm.element.dataset.category': 'Release',
'eventAction': 'Spotify (Pre)Save',
'eventLabel': 'Start' //OR Logged-in OR Playlist-Pre-Save-Confirmed

Gate Download:

'event': 'mediabutton_click',
'gtm.element.dataset.category': 'Release',
'eventAction': 'Free Download Gate',
'eventLabel': 'Start Gate' //OR Download