Beatport is touted as the most popular electronic music download site in the world, and is one of the top most requested DSP's in the electronic music niche.

Beatport's approval process

To get your label onto Beatport, we must first submit your label for approval. If your label is already on Beatport, we must issue a transfer request in order to deliver your products through our feed. Please get in touch to facilitate either of these options for your label.
Once your label is approved, you are free to post content to Beatport without any further approval. Posting content is simple and works just like all other DSP's
When you contact us, provide your full label name as well as a square version of your logo in JPG format so we can forward it to the Beatport team.

Posting to Beatport

Beatport is included in the "Send to Shops" form alongside all other traditional DSP's.


We recommend 3-5 days business days minimum, but earlier is better!

Feature requests

This information changes often, so be sure to check the Beatport documentation or reach out to them directly for more information.

Beatport documentation

Check the official Beatport Knowledge-base for more information.
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