Content Sync

Automatically fetch content from LabelGrid servers to your WordPress installation.
LabelGrid Content Sync will automatically fetch content from LabelGrid servers to your WordPress installation.
WARNING: To enable the LabelGrid Content Sync functionality you need to have a valid LabelGrid API Token.
LabelGrid Content Sync functionality also require you to setup your custom CRON on your WordPress installation.
Synchronization between plugin and LabelGrid is executed every 6 hours.

What content is synced?

LabelGrid Content Sync will gater contents from the LabelGrid platform and will update your WordPress installation with these contents:
  • Releases
  • Artists
  • Genres
  • Record Labels
Releases and Artists assets are published as Drafts and will require you to publish the content you want to be visible to the public. This is to avoid that unwanted content is going online.
It is very important that all the main details of Artists and Releases are filled on the LabelGrid platform to properly display the contents on your WordPress installation, such as Artist images and Artist Social Links.


To enable LabelGrid Content Sync you need to first run a manual update.
  1. 1.
    Go to WordPress Dashboard > LabelGrid Tools > Sync Content
  2. 2.
    Optional: We suggest to select all checkbox only in the first manual update to assure no other plugins created content using the plugin post and taxonomies types. PLEASE BE AWARE CHECKING THESE CHECKBOXES WILL DELETE ALL CURRENT DATA FOR ARTISTS, RELEASES, GENRES AND LABELS
  3. 3.
Once the first manual import has run the system will then Sync automatically the catalog.

Manual updates

You can run manual updates either thru the Sync Content page or thru the WordPress Admin Bar button.
We do suggest to prefer the use of the WordPress Admin Bar button as its faster than a Sync Content page update.
  • To use the Sync Content page please refer to the Configuration steps.
  • To use the WordPress Admin Bar button please check your admin bar, click on "Manual Update Catalog" and await a few seconds the system updates until the confirm message appears.
Note that the updates time can vary in fact of server performances.

Automatic updates

Once the first manual update is executed and the CRON is correctly set, the plugin will sync all new content every 6 hours.
This functionality can be disabled in the General Settings.
Releases and artists edit pages includes a "stop sync" button for the majority of the fields.
With "stop sync" enabled all automatic updates will skip the chosen field from any further update.
We do suggest however to make all the necessary changes in LabelGrid Dashboard to have your contents update on all platforms.
LabelGrid Tools will update your release stores links automatically as they become available.
NOTE: Some links are not available until the release is public on the store.