Our YouTube posting interface gives you a convenient way to generate and post artwork music videos to YouTube in 2 formats, single-track videos, and multi-track videos.
When using this feature, we are posting the video directly to your YouTube channel just as if you uploaded the video manually.

Posting a single-track video

A single-track video can be posted by using the "Post single-track to Youtube" button on your toolbar which will use our video-generator to create an HD music video using your existing album art + audio. You will have the option to supply alternate artwork and clip start and end settings. Additionally you will have ability to choose from 6 different layouts for your video.

Posting a multi-track video

A multi-track video is just like a single-track video, except in this case we will splice all selected tracks (usually from an album), into a single video, including fading in and out between each track on the video. This is useful for posting whole album videos.

YouTube monetization

Monetization on YouTube is available as well and is not as restrictive as the Soundcloud monetization options. To enable monetization for your content, we submit your audio files for fingerprinting to YouTube's Content ID service which tells YouTube's system to scan their entire site for any audio that matches your audio fingerprint, and then to run ads on that video. The money collected from that then gets forwarded to us and will appear in your royalty statements.

Enabling YouTube Monetization

If this is your first time with us, please go to Monetization - sign up. After this you will notice a new DSP has been added to your Send to Shops form. It will be on by default for all future deliveries. Your previous releases will need to be redelivered to YouTube as an insert order ("redelivery" should be checked on the SendToShops form when you recreate your YouTube Delivery)