Part 3: Create a release

This will walk you through creating your first release.


  • Master copy of at least 1 track in WAV format (44.1kHz+, 16bit or 24bit, Stereo)
  • Artwork for the release in JPEG format 3000x3000 pixels 72dpi preferred
  • You must have rights to distribute this track (copyright ownership)
  • You must have already completed Part 2: Setting up your label
  • Read over our meta-data style-guide to understand best-practices for track titles, artist names, cat numbers, ISRC's, UPC's, album descriptions, etc..

1. Launching the Album Editor

To launch the Album Editor, navigate to Catalog > Create new release or click the plus (+) sign on the toolbar on the releases table.
The Album Editor will look like this:
A note about pre-filled data: You will notice that we automatically pre-fill some data for you, including your label name, today's date for the release date, the copyright owner and year, and your preferred genre based on the default genre in your label settings, etc.

2. Fill in your release and track details

Set the release title & artist, as well as the track title & artist, plus all other other mandatory fields (see below for the list of mandatory fields).
To select a track, click the track's tab on the left pane.
To add additional tracks click the "Add Track" button.
Album Editor
Use our meta-data style-guide as a reference to ensure you use the appropriate info in each field.
New artists: Your artist drop-downs will be blank at this stage, since your account is new. To add new artists, just type the artist name into the artist field. You will be prompted with a confirmation message after which the artist will be added to your list and will appear in all artist drop-downs going forward.

3. Upload your audio

Next to each track in the left pane, click on the track you have in mind, and you will see an "upload" button appear under the track name. Click the upload button and select the WAV file from your hard drive. The upload should start immediately and a progress bar will appear.
NOTE: Your uploaded file will not actually be saved to your release until you click the save button. Even though you have completed the file upload, you must click save to apply your changes.
Audio requirements: 44.1kHz WAV 16bit Stereo. We can also accept 48kHz 24bit, but this is experimental. If you do decide to upload higher quality format you should double check your release afterwards to make sure all files were properly processed. FLAC support is temporarily unavailable right now.

4. Ensure all mandatory fields are filled

We require the following fields to prepare a release for delivery. If you have questions about any of these fields, check the tooltips next to each field on the Album Editor to get more info.

Release mandatory fields

  • Artwork
  • Release title
  • Artist name(s)
  • Catalog number
  • Release date
  • Primary genre
  • Copyright name
  • Copyright year
  • Publisher name
  • Publisher year

Track mandatory fields

  • Track title
  • Artist name(s)
  • Primary genre
  • Copyright name
  • Copyright year
  • Publisher name
  • Publisher year

Meta-data style guide

Here are a few relevant links to our meta-data style guide to help you with fields related to releases and tracks.


Click Save -- Now that you have finished creating your album, it's time to move on to Part 4: Creating a distribution order.