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Release Notes

This document describes the latest changes, additions, known issues, and fixes for the LabelGrid platform and related services.

Version 2.2.5

Jul 7, 2021
Note some features were published prior to this date.
Lots of general improvements across the board.
New Features
  • Notifications
    • A bell icon will light up when you have unread notifications.
    • The information given here will be various items such delivery statuses, soundcloud, and youtube posts, and any alerts or warnings to which you should pay attention.
  • Platform Alerts
    • A red exclamation-triangle icon will appear on your dash and in the top nav.
    • The information will show you any urgent warnings or platform issues that are affecting everyone site-wide.
  • Name Your Price
    • Can be turned on via your label settings (coming soon). Right now we are beta-testing this with a few sites. For example: - Click the "Direct Download" button
  • Purchase entire catalog button
    • A button on with full checkout via "lg-sites" your back-catalogue page. We are currently beta-testing this.
  • Email Capture
    • Capture email addresses from your landing page and back catalogue page. You will soon be able to turn this on in your label settings.
  • Facebook Pixel
    • Add your Facebook Pixel to your label settings and we will include it on your lg-sites hosted catalogue and release pages.
  • Twitch and Discord fields added
    • Under label settings only right now.
  • Error Reporting: Improved sending notifications when there are faults re: Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and Youtube errors, DSP delivery problems, etc.
  • Public Sites: Complete revamp of landing page layout on "lg-sites"
    • Layouts now automatically transform into other types of pages based on release timeline + label settings, etc. (example:
    • Sites features can be completely turned on/off via label settings.
    • Background now defaults to a blurred, semi-transparent image of the most recent release.
    • Background can be replaced by uploading a custom image to label settings.
    • Footer has been completely revamped to better highlight label links, contact info, etc..
  • Custom Domains: Improved ease of launching a custom domain for a label.
  • Royalty Dash: Map and graphs were sometimes inaccurate.
  • Main Dashboard: Some cleanup and improvements to dash panel and top nav.
  • Public Sites: Cleaned up player styling/size and bug-fixed functionality

Known Issues

Known issues have been moved from this document to a central location inside the LG Dashboard. You will be notified of any new bugs or issues we have identified and their status via the dashboard. Click the "bug" icon inside the dash at to see the current statuses.

Version 2.1.1

Mar 5, 2021 - note some features were published prior to this date.


  • Bandcamp Account form revamped
  • Attach foreign language variants to your releases and track titles and artist names
    • Send multiple foreign language with English as the default.
    • or optionally use the "Preferred Language" language field in the album editor to select a specific language as the primary and only language to be certain DSP's which support non-English languages.
  • New buttons and functionality for approving, rejecting, and archiving demos
  • Terms of Service now includes a section about you designating LabelGrid as your ISRC Manager
  • New DSP urls can be applied to a release via advanced album settings (synced to WP) including: Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Soundcloud, Deezer, Juno, YouTube, Tidal, Pandora, Amazon, Yandex, Anghami, iHeart, AWA, NetEase, Napster, Saavn, and others.
  • Royalty report parsing added for Anghami, SoundtrackYourBrand, Boomplay, and TikTok
  • New list of Performing Rights Organizations (PROs) added to artist profile, band members form


  • Preview launcher improved on generated videos
  • Demo Manager / Files
    • New categories "archive, approved, rejected" are shown on the left menu
    • WAV form previews load instantly now
    • Archive operation updated to be more instant and responsive
    • Secret links improved to be more con
  • Royalties Dash charts now show a range of -3 months til the end of the last statement
  • Artist profiles -> band members now allow address, post code, and zip for publishing metadata purpose
  • Zip process improved
  • Status "skipped" now applied to DSP delivery orders that require manual communication with the DSP
  • AppleMusic delivery failures are better reported
  • Better error reporting for certain generic UI operations


  • Landing page player next buttons not working (
  • Date fields on Ledger Entry form were showing improper format
  • Album editor sometimes stalls on "wait for upload to complete"
  • Stop playback when demo preview is closed
  • Artist select dropdowns sometimes won't open on album editor
  • Soundcloud API authentication refresh tokens were failing
  • Bandcamp account editing / adding not working
  • C Line and P Line sometimes showed "undefined"
  • Sometimes file uploads failed on the public demo submission page (
  • Clicking on Catalog Manager caused a double redirect
  • Export to Promoly not working
  • WordPress plugin sync was not syncing releases after new UPC assigned
  • Ledger history transactions were out of order in some cases
  • Ledger form sometimes not saving if a releaseId or artistId is assigned to transaction
  • Deliveries to Symphonic do not allow duplicate cat numbers -- workaround implemented which uses UPC instead of catalog number in the cat num field for Sym deliveries only


  • Landing page album list realigned
  • Rounded corners removed from buttons for cleaner look
  • Top nav down arrow realigned to avatar
  • Typos fixed on Artist profile form
  • DSP names are easier to read on the advanced release form
  • Hover effects are cleaned up on submenu trees
  • Clicking labelgrid in top nav on catalog manager now loads GridReleases page instead of taking you back to the main dash.
  • "Incoming Folder" now renamed to "Demos Inbox"
  • WordPress plugin description cleaned up on alert window
  • Some references to "JunglePress" (old project name) have been changed to "LabelGrid"
  • Top menu improvements including icon size and notifications bell added to catalog manager
  • Tooltip alignment fixed on album editor
  • Royalty Dash: Tax form descriptions is now easier to read

Version 2.1.0

Jan 22, 2021 - note some features were published prior to this date.
Updated Jan 30, 2021

Catalog Manager

  • New: Terms of Service contract e-signing now required before catalog manager can be launched
  • New: Various UI improvements to forms and top menu
  • Updated: Artist Profile form revamped
  • Fixed: typing in any form field on certain forms was causing cursor to jump to beginning of text
  • Upgraded: icon library
  • Fixed: active left nav item was not being highlighted properly
  • New: Audio-language field added
  • New: Lyrics field added with multi-lingual support
  • Updated: CLine and PLine fields updated to match our new data schema
  • Updated: Publisher Name moved to new field
  • New: "Mastering Engineer" added to contributor roles on album editor
  • New: Song-writing and Performance Roles field added to artist profile Form
  • New: Song-writing and Performance Roles field added to album editor
  • Updated: Track Splits form has been revamped
  • Fixed: Safari browser was misinterpreting dates on album editor and other date fields
Known Issues
  • Video Splash Logo intros are not working because of an outdated / no longer supported library. We are looking for a replacement.
  • BUG: Date picker is not properly translating dates for non-US users (affecting album editor and all forms).
  • BUG: Changing label name on an album does not move files. Artwork and audio files become broken and require re-uploading.
  • BUG: multiple redirects occur when first visiting catalog manager

Distribution Engine

  • Upgraded: Bandcamp API implementation
  • Upgraded: YouTube and Soundcloud API authentication and key management
  • New: Jaxta, Resso, Boomplay, Anghami, Gracenote, Soundscan, TIDAL added to tier-3 DSP's
  • New: Pretzel added to tier-2 DSP's
  • New: YouTube Music, LiveXLive, SoundExchange, Kan Music added to tier-1 DSP's
  • New: Beatport genres added
    • Electro (Classic / Detroit / Modern)
    • Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic)
    • Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
    • Leftfield Bass*
    • Leftfield House & Techno*
    • Leftfield Bass | Juke / Footwork*
    • Leftfield Bass | Deep Dubstep*
    • Leftfield Bass | Global Bass* * currently all Leftfield genres require you to manually contact Beatport.
  • Removed: TESLA (no longer in service)
  • Fixed: YouTube Content ID text now displays the label name as the claimant.
  • New: Artist contributor information provided to DSP's which support it
  • New: Support for audio-language (for lyrics)
  • New: multi-language lyrics, titles, artist names now sent to Apple, Spotify and all DSP's which support this feature
  • Updated: alpha-sort nested DSP's in left menu
Known Issues
  • Soundcloud keys sometimes expire requiring users to re-authenticate their Soundcloud account
  • Leftfield genres are not automatically translated by Beatport (required you to contact them directly). This is on Beatport's end.
  • YouTube content ID can be a slow process. We suggest that users contact us directly to enforce a claim more quickly.
Coming Soon
  • finalize ACR Cloud feed testing
  • upgrade Pretzel feed to tier-3 (allowing SentOnBehalfOf)

WordPress Plugin

  • Fixed: API token fetching sometimes was not associated properly to labels
  • Fixed: Some items and images were not being automatically fetched via API
  • New: /lite shows a light version of the landing page for all releases
  • Fixed: Gate mobile was not working properly in certain network configurations.
  • New shortcode [labelgrid-release-list-filter] to filter releases by genre. It can be used in any page that is using “labelgrid-release-list” shortcode.
  • New: Gate Downloads are now fully translable.
  • New: Added help tooltip on Gate popup
  • Edit: Removed Google Play from the Services lists due service closure.
  • Fixed: UI Presave and Gate improvements.
  • Fixed: Custom free download link was not showing on release details.
  • Fixed: Sync button in Toolbar was not handling the first sync error.
  • Fixed: Session management and Gate downloads
  • Compatibility: WordPress 5.6
  • Compatibility: PHP 8.0

Demo Manager

  • Fixed: grid refresh no longer required after clicking archive button
  • Fixed: waveform player was slow to load for large files. Now loading vis from cached json file
  • Removed: email address filters removed from left nav due to lack of use
  • Updated: reject button now automatically archives the file
  • Updated: file name is now included in the accept/reject message body
  • Fixed: g-drive button was broken
  • Updated: public upload form should only allow audio files
  • New: Soundcloud and social media info should be shown on the demo preview page
  • Updated: soundcloud, facebook, and other url fields now are validated to ensure a real url is entered
Known Issues
  • New categories "archive, approved, rejected" are not yet shown on the left menu
  • approve / reject message template can be chosen on the approve/reject form and do not affect the approve or rejection status of the file.
  • approving / rejecting from the response form does not automatically remove the item from the grid

Royalties Reporting

  • New: US and Foreign Entity Tax Forms added to royalties dashboard
  • New: Company and Personal profile forms
  • New: Auto-billing contracts allowing for payments to labels and artists without requiring them to send an invoice
  • Updated: Misc improvements to the UI
  • Removed: Period CSV download has been removed. Now only full CSV download is available. This is done to prevent misinterpretation of royalty amounts collected.
  • New: E-signatures now accepted for auto-billing agreements and tax forms.
  • Updated: Ledger form revamped
Coming Soon
  • Implement 3rd party service for bank authentication
  • Upgrade Vault storage


  • Fixed: misc onboarding bugs
  • Fixed: some font icons were not appearing properly
  • Fixed: billing page addons and subscription info was not appearing properly
  • Updated: misc UI updates
  • Upgraded: NodeJS upgraded across various domains

Version x.x.x

Dec 31, 1975
This is just a placeholder.