Release Notes

This document describes the latest changes, additions, known issues, and fixes for the LabelGrid platform and related services.

Version 2.1.1

Mar 5, 2021 - note some features were published prior to this date.


  • Bandcamp Account form revamped

  • Attach foreign language variants to your releases and track titles and artist names

    • Send multiple foreign language with English as the default.

    • or optionally use the "Preferred Language" language field in the album editor to select a specific language as the primary and only language to be certain DSP's which support non-English languages.

  • New buttons and functionality for approving, rejecting, and archiving demos

  • Terms of Service now includes a section about you designating LabelGrid as your ISRC Manager

  • New DSP urls can be applied to a release via advanced album settings (synced to WP) including: Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Soundcloud, Deezer, Juno, YouTube, Tidal, Pandora, Amazon, Yandex, Anghami, iHeart, AWA, NetEase, Napster, Saavn, and others.

  • Royalty report parsing added for Anghami, SoundtrackYourBrand, Boomplay, and TikTok

  • New list of Performing Rights Organizations (PROs) added to artist profile, band members form


  • Preview launcher improved on generated videos

  • Demo Manager / Files

    • New categories "archive, approved, rejected" are shown on the left menu

    • WAV form previews load instantly now

    • Archive operation updated to be more instant and responsive

    • Secret links improved to be more con

  • Royalties Dash charts now show a range of -3 months til the end of the last statement

  • Artist profiles -> band members now allow address, post code, and zip for publishing metadata purpose

  • Zip process improved

  • Status "skipped" now applied to DSP delivery orders that require manual communication with the DSP

  • AppleMusic delivery failures are better reported

  • Better error reporting for certain generic UI operations


  • Landing page player next buttons not working (

  • Date fields on Ledger Entry form were showing improper format

  • Album editor sometimes stalls on "wait for upload to complete"

  • Stop playback when demo preview is closed

  • Artist select dropdowns sometimes won't open on album editor

  • Soundcloud API authentication refresh tokens were failing

  • Bandcamp account editing / adding not working

  • C Line and P Line sometimes showed "undefined"

  • Sometimes file uploads failed on the public demo submission page (

  • Clicking on Catalog Manager caused a double redirect

  • Export to Promoly not working

  • WordPress plugin sync was not syncing releases after new UPC assigned

  • Ledger history transactions were out of order in some cases

  • Ledger form sometimes not saving if a releaseId or artistId is assigned to transaction

  • Deliveries to Symphonic do not allow duplicate cat numbers -- workaround implemented which uses UPC instead of catalog number in the cat num field for Sym deliveries only


  • Landing page album list realigned

  • Rounded corners removed from buttons for cleaner look

  • Top nav down arrow realigned to avatar

  • Typos fixed on Artist profile form

  • DSP names are easier to read on the advanced release form

  • Hover effects are cleaned up on submenu trees

  • Clicking labelgrid in top nav on catalog manager now loads GridReleases page instead of taking you back to the main dash.

  • "Incoming Folder" now renamed to "Demos Inbox"

  • WordPress plugin description cleaned up on alert window

  • Some references to "JunglePress" (old project name) have been changed to "LabelGrid"

  • Top menu improvements including icon size and notifications bell added to catalog manager

  • Tooltip alignment fixed on album editor

  • Royalty Dash: Tax form descriptions is now easier to read

Version 2.1.0

Jan 22, 2021 - note some features were published prior to this date.

Updated Jan 30, 2021

Catalog Manager

  • New: Terms of Service contract e-signing now required before catalog manager can be launched

  • New: Various UI improvements to forms and top menu

  • Updated: Artist Profile form revamped

  • Fixed: typing in any form field on certain forms was causing cursor to jump to beginning of text

  • Upgraded: icon library

  • Fixed: active left nav item was not being highlighted properly

  • New: Audio-language field added

  • New: Lyrics field added with multi-lingual support

  • Updated: CLine and PLine fields updated to match our new data schema

  • Updated: Publisher Name moved to new field

  • New: "Mastering Engineer" added to contributor roles on album editor

  • New: Song-writing and Performance Roles field added to artist profile Form

  • New: Song-writing and Performance Roles field added to album editor

  • Updated: Track Splits form has been revamped

  • Fixed: Safari browser was misinterpreting dates on album editor and other date fields

Known Issues

  • Video Splash Logo intros are not working because of an outdated / no longer supported library. We are looking for a replacement.

  • BUG: Date picker is not properly translating dates for non-US users (affecting album editor and all forms).

  • BUG: Changing label name on an album does not move files. Artwork and audio files become broken and require re-uploading.

  • BUG: multiple redirects occur when first visiting catalog manager

Distribution Engine


  • Upgraded: Bandcamp API implementation

  • Upgraded: YouTube and Soundcloud API authentication and key management

  • New: Jaxta, Resso, Boomplay, Anghami, Gracenote, Soundscan, TIDAL added to tier-3 DSP's

  • New: Pretzel added to tier-2 DSP's

  • New: YouTube Music, LiveXLive, SoundExchange, Kan Music added to tier-1 DSP's

  • New: Beatport genres added

    • Electro (Classic / Detroit / Modern)

    • Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic)

    • Techno (Peak Time / Driving)

    • Leftfield Bass*

    • Leftfield House & Techno*

    • Leftfield Bass | Juke / Footwork*

    • Leftfield Bass | Deep Dubstep*

    • Leftfield Bass | Global Bass* * currently all Leftfield genres require you to manually contact Beatport.

  • Removed: TESLA (no longer in service)

  • Fixed: YouTube Content ID text now displays the label name as the claimant.

  • New: Artist contributor information provided to DSP's which support it

  • New: Support for audio-language (for lyrics)

  • New: multi-language lyrics, titles, artist names now sent to Apple, Spotify and all DSP's which support this feature

  • Updated: alpha-sort nested DSP's in left menu

Known Issues

  • Soundcloud keys sometimes expire requiring users to re-authenticate their Soundcloud account

  • Leftfield genres are not automatically translated by Beatport (required you to contact them directly). This is on Beatport's end.

  • YouTube content ID can be a slow process. We suggest that users contact us directly to enforce a claim more quickly.

Coming Soon

  • finalize ACR Cloud feed testing

  • upgrade Pretzel feed to tier-3 (allowing SentOnBehalfOf)

WordPress Plugin


  • Fixed: API token fetching sometimes was not associated properly to labels

  • Fixed: Some items and images were not being automatically fetched via API

  • New: /lite shows a light version of the landing page for all releases

  • Fixed: Gate mobile was not working properly in certain network configurations.

  • New shortcode [labelgrid-release-list-filter] to filter releases by genre. It can be used in any page that is using “labelgrid-release-list” shortcode.

  • New: Gate Downloads are now fully translable.

  • New: Added help tooltip on Gate popup

  • Edit: Removed Google Play from the Services lists due service closure.

  • Fixed: UI Presave and Gate improvements.

  • Fixed: Custom free download link was not showing on release details.

  • Fixed: Sync button in Toolbar was not handling the first sync error.

  • Fixed: Session management and Gate downloads

  • Compatibility: WordPress 5.6

  • Compatibility: PHP 8.0

Demo Manager


  • Fixed: grid refresh no longer required after clicking archive button

  • Fixed: waveform player was slow to load for large files. Now loading vis from cached json file

  • Removed: email address filters removed from left nav due to lack of use

  • Updated: reject button now automatically archives the file

  • Updated: file name is now included in the accept/reject message body

  • Fixed: g-drive button was broken

  • Updated: public upload form should only allow audio files

  • New: Soundcloud and social media info should be shown on the demo preview page

  • Updated: soundcloud, facebook, and other url fields now are validated to ensure a real url is entered

Known Issues

  • New categories "archive, approved, rejected" are not yet shown on the left menu

  • approve / reject message template can be chosen on the approve/reject form and do not affect the approve or rejection status of the file.

  • approving / rejecting from the response form does not automatically remove the item from the grid

Royalties Reporting

  • New: US and Foreign Entity Tax Forms added to royalties dashboard

  • New: Company and Personal profile forms

  • New: Auto-billing contracts allowing for payments to labels and artists without requiring them to send an invoice

  • Updated: Misc improvements to the UI

  • Removed: Period CSV download has been removed. Now only full CSV download is available. This is done to prevent misinterpretation of royalty amounts collected.

  • New: E-signatures now accepted for auto-billing agreements and tax forms.

  • Updated: Ledger form revamped

Coming Soon

  • Implement 3rd party service for bank authentication

  • Upgrade Vault storage



  • Fixed: misc onboarding bugs

  • Fixed: some font icons were not appearing properly

  • Fixed: billing page addons and subscription info was not appearing properly

  • Updated: misc UI updates

  • Upgraded: NodeJS upgraded across various domains

Version x.x.x

Dec 31, 1975

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