Mailing system

Alerts, Zip-mailers, and statements and bulletins explained.

The notable things about our mailing system are the alerts and zip-mailer.


Alerts refer to emails we send out to your email address on file to notify you of important events or information. These alerts are sent on an as-needed basis to you and possibly other parties, on your behalf.

Keeping you and your team informed

For example, when a Bandcamp upload finishes or a Youtube video has been posted, we will send you an email notice along with the link to the post. As another example, if you receive a demo upload into your inbox, or if you reject or approve a demo, the system will send an automatic message to the interested parties. You also get a chance to customize some of these messages before they are send, in particular, ones that are sent to a third party.


Our mailing system allows you to send mail from our servers to your own recipient list (or subscriber list). The zip-mailer, will package up a zip file for a specific release and send it to a single recipient or group of recipients that you have chosen. You can use this for pre-release promos and internal sharing or anything else you wish. The zip is also available for direct download so you can bypass our mailer altogether and have a zip file complete with all the relevant release info and files.

Statements, bulletins, etc..

We will also send periodic sales statements, bulletins, and reports via this system, so make sure when we mail you the first time from any new address, to whitelist that address to avoid any future problems receiving our messages.

Zip-Mailer Emails

This is generally used to provide release content to your promo team, email list, etc. A folder is created which contains all content of a release such as full length 320 files, artwork, and a text file containing release notes. The folder is written to a location on the web server in your label ftp folder. After generating the promo zip you can use the email system to forward it to any email address with cap of 3 downloads per email.

Zip packages

Zip packages can be created on the fly as soon as you have created a release with full art and audio files in tact. These zip files will contain the 320's, WAV's, artwork and a TXT info file with all your release's details inside. This is used for convenient sharing to press, internal staff, stakeholders, or anyone you wish.

Also note, if you have previously sent out a zip-mailer to someone and afterward you need to update a track file or artwork, you will need to regenerate this zip file so that the mailer recipient's zip file will contain the new files. If the recipient already downoaded the old zip, they will need to redownload it to get the latest files. All you have to do is regenerate a zip using LabelGrid and the recipient's old zip-mailer link will automatically be pointing to a new zip file with the updated contents.

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