My Account

Learn how to update your name, email, password, billing and other information.

Logging into your account

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Updating business information

To update email address, name, company name, and default user settings, login and then click "Catalog Manager" then use the system menu located in the top right of the Catalog Manager panel and click "Account Settings".
If you are at the Apps Dashboard, the dashboard the appears when you first login, only updating email address and password are available. We will migrate more user options to the apps dashboard soon.

Updating password

Use the system menu in the top right corner and click "change password"

Updating payment methods

Using the Apps Dashboard, go to Billing, and look for payment method options there.


If you need to cancel your account, please create a support ticket with us so we can ensure everything is properly taken down and deleted. Please do not attempt to delete your catalog from the system, as this may hinder our ability to wrap things up for you.