Gated Downloads
Gated Downloads requires the person to follow, like, and/or other social actions before enabling a file download or forwarding to a secret link.
LabelGrid Tools incorporate a powerful Download Gate with Follow To Download functionalities.
WARNING: To enable the LabelGrid GATE functionalities you need to have a valid LabelGrid API Token.

Gated Downloads requires the person to follow, like, and/or other social actions before enabling a file download or forwarding to a secret link.

  • Follow Playlist
  • Follow User
  • Follow Artist
  • Save Track
  • Save Album

  • Follow Account

  • Follow Account
  • Repost Track
  • Save Track

LabelGrid Gate service connects to LabelGrid servers and handle the complete “Unlock to download” flow remotely.

To create a new gated download go to:
Dashboard > Gate Downloads > New

You can either Match with existing release or Upload an Artwork and Description.
  1. 1.
    Match with existing release: a download button will appear in the release page.
  2. 2.
    Upload an Artwork and Description: a download button will appear in the Gated Download page.
You can show a Gate Download button everywhere in wordpress using Shortcodes.

Specify your file by either using the upload form or providing a link.
For example, you can also specify external paths and links in the following format: Local file path: /home/user/public_html/something.mp3
Web URL:

You can specify an URL to forward the user to once the Gate process is complete.

The download settings tabs lets you add several actions that must be performed when the end-user wants to download your file. These actions will be executed automatically once the end-user authorizes API access to their Spotify (Soundcloud, etc), account.
Gate Download Settings
For example, you can specify a Spotify playlist that you want the user to follow before the download is accessed. You can also stack these actions so that multiple actions are performed.

The field "Min. Accounts Required" in Gate Downloads->Download Settings give you the capability to allow users to complete the Gate with an inferior number of connected accounts than what you specified in the Gate settings.
This is useful in cases while users doesn't have an account on all the services required from the Gate and would be unable to complete it.

You can display Gated Downloads directly navigating to the path /free-download/post-name.
Check the Plug-in installation for more informations on how setup the plugin.

Is possible to integrate a Gate Download Button in any post or page of your Wordpress install simply by using the dedicated shortcode and specifying the Gate ID.
The WordPress Admin list page Gate Downloads has a "Shortcode" column that you can use to paste on any page or post to show a Gate Download Button.
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