Audio Transcoder
Generate 320s, FLAC, and custom clips without opening an editor!
Also see our Video Transcoder for auto-generating video content from your artwork and audio.

On the fly encoding without opening an editor for 320s, FLACs, and clips

Go to Catalog > Releases select the release you want to transcode.
Click Tools > Generate 320s, clips.. A form will appear allowing you to set options (defaults are usually all you need).
Clip Settings
ID3 Tagging
Voice-over options
Encoding a 4 track release
Clip Settings
ID3 Tagging
Voice-over options
Clip Settings: This form uses your Label Settings to pre-fill your clip settings. You can override these defaults by going into the clip settings tab and making your changes.

This component uses LAME Encoder to generate 320kbps 44.1KHz MP3's (Joint Stereo) at the highest quality setting from the master WAV files. Today, LAME is considered the best MP3 encoder at all bitrates. Available album artwork and release information is also embedded into the ID3 tag for each track. If you run this process multiple times previously generated mp3s will be overwritten.
After each 320 is created another process is kicked off to create 128kbps or 192kbps 44.1kHz mp3 clips. The resulting clips are created using the settings that you select via web form.

You can monitor progress via the Transcoder Queue, which operates just like all other queues found in LabelGrid.

To view the queue go to Catalog > Transcoder

Transcoding is the process of encoding one audio format to another. The queue represents every single transcode operation on your content, whether it be from an automatically triggered event, or one that you triggered manually using the Transcoder form.
Use the queue to monitor the queue for progress.
If there is a problem you can delete the problematic job from this queue and then re-cue it for another attempt.
If something seems stuck, and you are not sure what to do, send us a support ticket and we will take a look.
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