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How to upload to Soundcloud

While most distributors only offer 1 way of monetizing and uploading to Soundcloud, LabelGrid offers an additional method that allows full control over how your content appears on Soundcloud.

1. Posting via Soundcloud API

The API method is the one that gives you the most control. When you use this method to post to Soundcloud (use tool bar item "Post to Soundcloud"), your track will be posted directly to your own Soundcloud profile. You can post to any Soundcloud account for which you have a login. We will request you to grant LabelGrid permission to post on your behalf, and then the Soundcloud account will appear in the Sent to Soundcloud form inside LabelGrid.
Note: If you want to monetize your API uploads automatically, make sure to check the "Enable Soundcloud Monetization" checkbox in your label settings.
Additionally, with this method, if you have monetization turned on in your label settings, we will automatically apply ISRC, track title, artist name, UPC and relevant info that Soundcloud needs to review the track for manual monetization. This means you can keep the benefits of posting manually as if we were posting directly to your Soundcloud account. This method will also ensure the track appears on your chosen Soundcloud profile instead of a generated or "matched" artist profile controlled by Soundcloud. If you would like to monetize API uploads, you may need to go into the Soundcloud interface and customize the monetization options under each track.

2. Posting via Soundcloud feed

If you do not have an existing Soundcloud account or don't want to bother with managing one, this is a great option for a hands-off approach. When you choose this method to post music to Soundcloud, we send the release package to Soundcloud via a standardized feed, after which, Soundcloud will fingerprint to match any other existing tracks with the same fingerprint already on their platform, as well as to match on any future uploads matching the audio fingerprint.
If you do not wish to monetize your content via this method, make sure you remove Soundcloud Monetization anytime you use the Send to Shops form.
Soundcloud will also post your tracks to either a generic artist page if they do not have a match on the artist already, or directly to the artist's profile if they do have an authorized match. Unfortunately there is no control on how or where the listing appears after that. You cannot edit or takedown the tracks without issuing the takedown or change request via the feed.
To post tracks via this method, utilize the "Send to Shops" tool bar item and then make sire "Soundcloud Monetization" appears in your DSP list.


What are monetized uploads?

Monetized Soundcloud uploads are song that you upload to Soundcloud which have ads placed on them by the Soundcloud Ads platform. When you opt-in or submit a track for monetization using either of the 2 methods below, you are explicitly telling Soundcloud that you want them to place ads on the content and collect revenue. The revenue comes from subscribers who pay for the premium streaming offering from Soundcloud called Soundcloud Go as well as the ad-revenue collected from the ad-placements.

What are non-monetized uploads?

Non-monetized uploads have no ads running on them bring in no revenue from the Soundcloud platform. If you wish for none of your music to be enabled for monetization, go into your label settings and ensure that "Soundcloud Monetization" is turned off, for each label in your LabelGrid account

How to enable monetization

If this is your first time with us, please go to Monetization - sign up. After monetization is confirmed for your account you can monetize any of your content using either of the Soundcloud posting methods.
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