General settings

General options, content sync, release pages, artist pages, Spotify API key

You can find the Settings page inside your WordPress website's dashboard:

WordPress > LabelGrid Tools > General Settings

General Options

LabelGrid API Token

This field is reserved for LabelGrid customers and is needed to enable Sync and Free Download Gate functionalities.

Check how to setup your Api Token.

iTunes affiliate token

Your iTunes Affiliate Token can be used to capture affiliate revenue that gets paid to you anytime someone buys content or subscriptions on iTunes or Apple Music. Read more about the iTunes affiliate program here.

Automatic content sync

If disabled, this will stop synchronizing data with LabelGrid Servers. Also note, the sync functionality is enabled only while a valid LabelGrid API Token is active.


Some service settings are based on your default settings, but many of these settings can be enabled or disabled in the Release Detail page.


The following features help customize the release pages on your WordPress site


The following features help you customize your artist pages on your WordPress site.

Preferred texts and URIs in Settings: The values you set here will become the default for any new release you create. These defaults can then be overridden on each release inside the release's settings on the WordPress plugin.

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