What is LabelGrid

Advanced Catalogue Management & Aggregation

LabelGrid (https://labelgrid.com) is a modern digital distribution and content management suite for serious content brands, record label managers, independent creators & rights holders.

Our distribution pipeline includes all the major outlets including Apple Music, Spotify, Beatport, Bandcamp, and just about any major outlet you can name.

We service many sectors of the industry including independent record labels, artists, general creators, and distributors.


Distribution is just the beginning.

As a software development outfit we offer a lot more than just distribution.

Fully-fledged content suite.

We want to help people build their media brands by allowing them to do more with their content. From finding untapped monetization options, implementing better marketing strategy, or utilizing state of the art tools in an ad-hoc fashion -- we want it all to be available from this single platform.

Innovative, lean, and agile.

For many years, we've constantly stayed ahead of the curve.

Here are just some of the tools that were implemented into LabelGrid long before any other distributor -- and some of them are still playing catch-up! Daily reporting, Soundcloud posting, Youtube posting, Mailing-list tools, Bandcamp posting, Demo inbox, Lead-capture, Instagram video generation.

Seamless integration.

We've created this platform to integrate seamlessly with your existing workflow.

Additionally, you'll find that new workflows emerge with LabelGrid, because you'll have a platform that helps you scale and automate your efforts. Think scheduling, syncing, and posting via various 3rd party API's and plugins, or even syncing to your website. LabelGrid gives you the path to scaling up your distribution and marketing efforts.

Under the hood.

Each label and user has default presets that can be used to finely tune many of the scheduling and automated posting tools.

Nimble framework.

We are constantly working to make sure our framework is fast and responsive so that you can perform the task at hand without distraction and delay. Our rollout of version 2 of our UI and API in 2020 is a testament to this promise.

Distributed backups.

If you ever lose a file due to personal data loss, LabelGrid's backup system could come to the rescue. We run regular backups of all data, which means, if you host your label's content with us, we may be able to recover these files, even if you deleted it from LabelGrid in the past.

Getting started.

Our documentation covers all the important parts of LabelGrid's tools, as well as a series of articles on how to get started.

pageGetting started overviewpageImportant conceptspageQuickstart

WordPress plugin.

Looking for our WordPress plugin? Read more about it here:

pageInstallation - Configuration

Managing your library.

Everything you need to know about managing your content.

pageCatalog Manager

Diving deeper into the docs.

Here are more important sections of our comprehensive documentation, neatly organized for you to find answers.

pageDistribution EnginepageCatalog ToolspageReports overviewpageInstallation - Configuration


See our website.


We are here to help. Send us a support ticket and we will get back to you.

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