Demo Inbox

Receive and respond to demos using a dashboard with preset message and custom compose options.


LabelGrid Demo Inbox lets you manage all types of files. This page will explain the core functionality.

Your Demo Inbox


For incoming demos and misc file uploads from 3rd parties.

How it works

Each label under your account gets its own branded upload page where people can upload files directly to the label's Demo Inbox.


Label: Plush Recordings -
All files uploaded via your public upload form will appear in your Files Manager inside the LabelGrid admin panel.

Your Demo Inbox Url

Your inbox url will be something like:
Replace LG_USERNAME with your actual label's username on LabelGrid. To find your label's username go to Catalog > Labels, and look for LG_USERNAME on the tabular list. It will likely be just under the label's name in the list.

File types supported

mp3, flac, wav, zip, rar, aiff

Customizing the upload page

You can update the background and logo in your Label Image Settings.

Accessing your files

Anything uploaded via your Demos Inbox will appear inside LabelGrid under Files > Incoming (Demos) also known as Files Manager inside your LabelGrid Content Panel.

Demo Responder


Approve and reject demos that have been sent to you from artists and producers.

Previewing Demos

This is just like previewing any file. Just go to Files > Incoming Folder and double click on a file row to bring up the preview. The following playable preview layout will appear.

Approving Demos

Click the thumbs up button on the preview page. We will pre-fill this form with the sender's name and email as well as a subject line and preset approval message.
You can change the subject and message to your liking and press "send".

Here is what an approval email looks like.

Note: The GoogleDoc link shown in the above screenshot is not a part of LabelGrid. The screenshot shows a sample approval message that was sent from the label to the artist. In this scenario, the label has a custom Approval Message configured in their Message Presets under Label Settings

Configuring Presets

Approval message presets can be changed in your label settings.

Rejecting Demos

Click the thumbs down button on the preview page. Use the "Templates" dropdown (aka Message Presets) to choose from "Rejected 1" or "Rejected 2". Take a close look at both screenshots below to see the recommended way to implement Rejected 2 for your own needs.
Rejected 1
Rejected 2
Template name: Rejected 1 (hard reject) Purpose: Kindly tell the sender that you are not interested.
Template Name: Rejected 2 (soft reject) Purpose: Kindly tell the sender to send you more music, but that this particular demo is not what you are looking for.

Here is what a (soft) rejection email looks like to the recipient:

Additional tools

There are tools to allow you to do special things like extracting zip files, converting WAV from 16bit to 24bit, and sharing your files using secret links.

Assigning WAVs from the files manager

While viewing the Incoming (Demos) folder, choose "WAVS" and then select a file in the list that you want to assign. Click Tools > Assign to release. A popup will appear asking you to select the track you want to assign to. Select the track you want to assign to and click save. This operation depends on you already having the release meta-data created using the Album Editor.