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Editing an artist

Edit an artist using Catalog > Artists. Choose the artist you want to edit and click the edit button (or double click on the row). The following form will appear.
Contact & payments
You can set the official artist name, full legal name (internal use only), location.
Set affiliations, full bio, and dj support.
Set artist website, Soundcloud profile URL, Youtube channel URL, Facebook URL, Twitter, and Instagram URL.
Set Beatport artist url, Juno artist url, iTunes, and Spotify url.
Set mailing address (if you need it), email address (for sending artist statements and alerts), PayPal email (for sending payment).
Pro Tip: Set social links like Soundcloud and we will automatically tag and include these links in Soundcloud posts. See example below.

Example Soundcloud post.

In this post we automatically tagged the artist since we had the Soundcloud url on the artist's LabelGrid profile.