Beatport - updating your logo

Updating your Beatport logo is as easy as filling out a form.
This method can also be used to update your label's biography on Beatport.

Logo size requirements

Beatport requests that you send your new logo file in the following format. Be sure to follow these guidelines to avoid issues with your request:
  • >=500x500 PIXELS
  • 72 DPI

Prepare the following information for Beatport

Here is the information you will need:
  • Your Email (so Beatport can reply to you): ex: [email protected]
  • Your Supplier Name: "LabelGrid"
  • Your Label Name: "Your Record Label Name as listed on Beatport"
  • Your Beatport URL: *ex:
  • Tile Image (500x500 or larger): * MAKE YOUR LOGO NON-TRANSPARENT AT LEAST 500x500 PIXELS @ 72 DPI
  • Label Biography (optional): Biography text should be 0/1500 maximum length.

Fill out the form

Visit the following form, provided by Beatport, to put in your request.