Prohibited Content
Digital Service Providers (DSP's) have strict rules about the types of content they will allow. Here are some guidelines.
Although you can upload all sorts of content to LabelGrid, not all content is suitable to be delivered to certain DSP's. For example, background noise, nature sounds with no music, spoken word, sound effects, audio books, etc can be uploaded to LabelGrid, but they might not be accepted by User Generated Content (UGC) style services such as YouTube, Facebook/Instagram, TikTok, and others that rely on audio finger-printing to identify content across the entire platform.

Prohibited Content

YouTube Content ID Restrictions

We cannot upload the following content-types to YouTube Content ID. This may also apply to Facebook/Instagram, TikTok, and other UGC and fingerprint-driven services.
  • files containing watermarks
  • remixes
  • creative commons
  • samples
  • any 3rd party content
  • nature sounds
  • sound effects
  • audiobooks
  • drum loops
  • soundscapes
  • podcasts
  • spoken word
  • any beats that are licensed and unlicensed (all beats must be originally composed)
  • tracks produced for other artists (you must own the master and/or publishing)
Additionally for music or beats, proof of original composition, ownership or master recording, or publishing rights may be required.

Allowed Content and Exceptions


Remixes are generally allowed for all platforms which do not rely on fingerprint services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Beatport, YouTube Music.
However, if you attempt to deliver a remix to an unsupported DSP, the delivery may be skipped automatically.

Spoken Word

Spoken word is accepted on platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, etc.
However, spoken word is not accepted on UGC or fingerprinting type services such as YouTube Content ID, Facebook/Instagram Library, TikTok, etc.

Non-music content

Non-music content is accepted and encouraged on LabelGrid, and is also deliverable to Spotify, Apple Music, etc; however some DSP's do not accept this type of content.
We may automatically skip or block deliveries of non-music content to the services that do not support it.
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